Virtual Events & Webinars

Virtual Events and Webinars

Virtual Events and Webinars are cost effective, plus they’re environmentally friendly too. They’re normally filmed and streamed live to an audience who are watching the footage via their PC or mobile device.

Think of a Virtual Event as an online conference or product launch: there are typically several speakers, perhaps an MC, some presentation graphics and maybe even a few videos. A Webinar is more like a seminar and is a fantastic platform for online training and company meetings.

Use our Mobile Studio to film your Virtual Event or Webinar

We can bring our Mobile Studio to your chosen venue or office. Our experienced crew can then film, and stream your content to your chosen streaming platform. We can provide a dedicated branded video hosting site, which you can stream your virtual event or webinar to. Please click here to see an example video hosting site in action.

We’re here to help

We understand that producing Virtual Events and Webinars can be daunting, but we’re here to make your online event a success. If you would like to find out how we can work together to produce Virtual Events and Webinars, please do contact us today.

 Our Virtual Events and Webinars are:



Our video streaming platform includes interactive features such as “Ask a Question”, “Download Documents”, “Complete a Poll” and “Chatroom” to maximise the audience engagement of our event.



We understand that privacy is important and we can password protect your event to ensure that your video messages are secure and only viewed by your target audience.



We can broadcast your Virtual Event or Webinar to viewers all over the world. Content broadcast on our secure platform can be viewed live on computers, tablets and smart phones.

Virtual Events and Webinars we’ve worked on

We’ve produced a range of live Virtual Events and Webinars and you can see some examples of our recent work below.