Video Updates for International Store Managers

Video Updates for International Store Managers

The Problem

M&S International needed to find a way to explain store layouts and point of sale material to the managers of their hundreds of stores all over the world. They had traditionally used emails and printed updates, but felt that these messages could be delivered more effectively using videos instead.

The Solution

We filmed and photographed signed-off store layouts for Men’s, Women’s and Children’s fashion each season. We then took the Mobile Studio to the M&S offices and filmed presenters explaining the layouts before handing over the completed videos so they could be hosted on the M&S internal video platform.



The final videos we created were easy for the audience to understand, as they were packed with visual examples that they could follow in their own stores. As the merchandising teams had time between us capturing the footage and them filming their final videos, they could make sure they were happy with the content prior to the shoot. This meant they could sign off their videos as soon as they were recorded and distribute them to their international stores on the same day they were filmed.