Tricaster Virtual Studio Design for TV News Channel

Tricaster Virtual Studio Design for TV News Channel

The Problem

Mezera TV wanted a bespoke virtual studio and physical desk for their NewTek Tricaster system to use in their live news broadcasts.  As this was their first Tricaster system, they also needed assistance in implementing the studio, finalising camera angles and preparing the studio for broadcast.

The Solution

We designed the virtual studio using 3D Studio Max and built the physical News desk to match the dimensions of their studio. Once the design was complete we spent the day at the Mezera studio assembling the desk and adding the studio to their Tricaster to ensure everything was ready ahead of their first live broadcast.


We have a lot of experience in designing virtual sets for the NewTek Tricaster range and as a result, were able to manage the production of the virtual studio from concept to execution. We were able to offer advice on the dimensions of the desk, the location of the physical cameras and the different camera angles that would be required for the studio. This allowed the Mzera team to concentrate on creating content for their programmes which helped lead to a seamless launch of the channel.