Quarterly Business News Video Updates

Quarterly Business News Video Updates

The Problem

Siemens wanted to create a video version of their internal News Magazine published by the Internal Communications Team. The video would be hosted on their internal website for employees across the UK to view in their own time. The news video needed to be on brand and in keeping with the visuals of the existing magazine.

The Solution

We designed a branded virtual studio and the screen was used to show supporting images, graphics and other content that would usually be in the magazine. We took the Mobile Studio to Siemens so the Communications Team could present the video and the completed news programme was available for employees to view online the next day.




We delivered a fast, high quality, branded solution that none of the employees had seen before. The new delivery of the content increased audience engagement and having Siemens employees as the presenters helped to keep the messaging very personal. The fact that some of the material from the printed News Magazine could be used in the video version limited any additional work and costs needed to produce the finished video programme.