On Site Event Video Studio for Conference Adverts

On Site Event Video Studio for Conference Adverts

The Problem

A UK event production company were looking to offer the attendees of their upcoming event the option to record short adverts which would then be shown on an event channel which was being broadcast during the event. The adverts needed to be branded, filmed and edited the same day to meet broadcast deadlines.

The Solution

We used our Mobile Studio for the duration of the event and presenters visited us once they had their script and company logo. Once they visited us in the studio we loaded their content into the system and began recording. Within 30 minutes we had created finished advertisements which were ready to be broadcast later that day.





Delegates attending the event were busy, so by making the process simple and easy to follow, we could produce a large number of videos in a short space of time.  We set up large monitors in the room so the presenters and other company representatives could sign off their advert before they left the studio. During every break in filming we loaded the completed adverts to the event TV channel which meant the time taken from filming to final broadcast was often less than 1 hour. A number of the delegates were so pleased with their videos that they asked for copies to use for their own marketing material once they had left the event.