Location Shoot for a Product Launch Video

Location Shoot for a Product Launch Video

The Problem

Thermo Fisher Scientific asked us to create a video to support a new product launch. They wanted to include footage of the product, the production process in Germany and have a presenter explain it’s key benefits. The problem was the video was getting longer and longer.

The Solution

We went to Germany and filmed footage of the production process and the product in action. We then recorded the final video inside a virtual studio and included the German footage on a virtual screen to reinforce the key messages being made by the presenter.




This approach meant Thermo Fisher could include all of the information and visuals they wanted, without the video becoming too long. As the presenter was talking, footage was playing in the background to help give visual references and easy-to-follow information to the viewer. By filming the b-roll and presenter separately, we’ve been able to use the German footage in other videos for Thermo Fisher, which has helped to reduce the costs on additional videos they’ve made with us.