Live Virtual Event Streamed to Global Audience

Live Virtual Event Streamed to Global Audience

The Problem

Microsoft wanted to create a low cost alternative to their European Services conference. Rather than inviting 200 delegates to attend in person, they were looking for a new solution that could reach audiences from all over Europe and Africa.

The Solution

We set up the Mobile Studio with a green screen in a theater in London to help create a live TV studio environment for the audience in the auditorium. We then broadcast the live output from the event to 700 employees via a dedicated video streaming channel.


This was the first time Microsoft had produced an event like this. Employees all over the world could login and watch the event live, or at a time that was convenient to them. The overall cost for the event was actually less than the previous year’s event, but was viewed by nearly 10 x the number of employees.  The use of a green screen and the live mixing of the output in a a bespoke virtual studio also led to a great viewer experience for the people watching live in London.