Country Managers Financial Year End Video Message

Country Managers Financial Year End Video Message

The Problem

The Country Managers of Thales needed to deliver their end of year message to the global workforce. With several issues which effected the entire company, it was important that each Country Manager delivered a succinct message to their teams.

The Solution

We took the Mobile Studio to a meeting in London which featured all the Country Managers. One at a time, each Country Manger came into the studio we had set up to create their video message. As we edit live, we were able to show each Manager their finished video so they could sign it off before they left the room.




Everyone was able to film their video on the same day which meant all the videos were distributed at the same time. This saved on transport costs and the logistics of setting up four different video shoots to capture each Manager’s message. Using our Virtual Studio technology we were also able to place each manager within an image that represented their geographic location which helped to further enforce their message.