Company News Updates Using a Branded Virtual Studio

Company News Updates Using a Branded Virtual Studio

The Problem

The problem was that it was proving difficult to deliver a quality news update to Siemens Offshore Wind employees which discussed the key messages that really matter to them. The challenge was to create engaging content which employees could view even when working offshore.

The Solution

We created a bespoke Virtual Studio that would form the background for each update. We filmed Clark McFarlane, Managing Director for Offshore Wind UK, presenting the briefing to camera from his offices. Employees then logged on to a dedicated Video Hosting site via their PC, laptop or mobile device to watch the updates.


Siemens Offshore Wind Employees can now log in to their dedicated video hosting site and watch the news updates at a time that’s convenient to them. The Managing Director can therefore rest assured that key messages and updates are being delivered directly to employees. Recording the update in Siemens’ offices and editing the footage live, means the process is incredibly quick. We are often able to broadcast video messages just hours after they are recorded.