We use our Mobile Studio set up to create high quality video footage quickly, easily and cost effectively.
We’ve worked with companies all over the world, big and small, to create excellent video communications.

Plus we’re really nice people if we do say so ourselves.



Who we are

We’re a small company, based around a pretty impressive bit of kit, otherwise known as our Mobile Studio. We’re a brother-sister duo who’ve worked in communications for the past 12 years. We’re young (I think at least one of us can still get away with saying that!) ambitious and pride ourselves on the service we deliver.

What we do

Almost everything we do is based on our Mobile Studio technology. We’ve combined several technologies to create a studio that can be taken to any office or venue anywhere in the world. Combining live TV production techniques and the latest in virtual studio developments, we’ve create a video service that’s fast, high quality and cost effective. We bet it costs less than you think!

Where we've done it

We’ve worked with clients all over the world. From large multinationals to small creative agencies, we’ve done it all. We’ve filmed students in Africa, wind farms in the middle of the North sea, and dogs on green screen. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with anyone, anywhere! (Discounts are available for jobs in the Bahamas)


We’re all nice people

We pride ourselves on the long lasting relationships we have with our clients. We don’t do smug and condescending. We put people at ease and help clients get the most out of their budgets.

We won't let you down

If we say we can do something, we will make it happen. Equally, if for any reason we think our technology or approach isn’t quite right for your project, we’ll be honest and tell you this right from the start.

We’re honest and upfront

Our pricing structure is very straightforward and if things change midway through a project, we’ll always consult you before adding costs. There will never be any traumatising shocks when the invoice arrives!

We don't do techie jargon

We can explain what we do in straightforward terms, and won’t bombard you with technical details (unless of course you want to talk tech, in which case we’re very happy to do so!).

We listen

If you come to us to make a company webinar, we’ll make you a great company webinar. You won’t end up with an Oscar-nominated experimental short film that fails to say anything you were actually hoping to say.

We keep it simple and do it well

Our aim is to help you find the clearest, most effective way of saying exactly what you want to say, to those you want to say it to. We’ll help you reach the people you need to reach.
  • The team have helped me to deliver a worldwide programme for our senior managers across the globe. I've worked with them at a number of venues across the UK and have been very impressed with the final results. Using their Mobile Studio, they've been able to produce up to 15 videos per day and their service has proven to be the perfect solution for creating videos with senior managers who have limited time available in their diary for filming. I've always found the team to be professional, highly skilled and great to work with and look forward to working with them on more projects in the future.
    Andy Gitsham, Microsoft
  • The Mobile Studio Company engaged Siemens in the production of a safety related DVD under challenging timescales, this resulted in a quality product being produced that is capturing the right audience.
    Andy Whitehead, Siemens
  • The team came in and delivered an amazing standard of video production and live streaming services for a high profile, mission critical academic lecture series. They delivered a gold standard service at amazingly short notice and gave tremendous value for money. Their team provided not only an enormous amount of technical expertise, but delivered it with a very down-to-earth and charming way of dealing with clients on the floor. Crucially, they gave everyone on the team an invaluable sense of security, with their clear and casual control of often demanding events.
    Tim Cooper, Churchill College, Cambridge University