Simon Malone

Managing Director

Simon started his career in live event production after completing a degree at Newcastle University. He went on to gain in-depth experience in video production and live vision mixing, working on video projects for companies such as Siemens and Marks and Spencer.

In 2011 he began working with the Newteck Tricaster system and collaborated with their team on the development of their virtual studio software. Later that year, Simon teamed up his technical expertise and production knowledge with his sister’s experience in the communications industry, and the pair began working together with clients such as EasyJet, Fujitsu and Edelman. He went on to produce virtual events for some of the world’s biggest companies and was a key member of the team which delivered Microsoft’s first virtual conference in the UK.

Simon’s work in the virtual studio field was also recognised recently with the winning of ‘Best TV/Video/Audio Company’ at the 2014 RAR Awards.

‘I first saw virtual studio technology at an expo in Amsterdam in 2010. It was genuinely exciting to me to find that huge developments in film production, green screen and CJI, were suddenly available for the mass market to tap into. I’m a big believer that video is the key communicator of the future, and now by developing a product which incorporates new technologies with old TV production techniques, we’ve been able to give practically anyone the ability to produce video for a global audience.’