Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson

Vision Mixer & Studio Director

Pete has worked over 5,000 hours in live TV production. He started his career as a camera operator and editor, producing and directing online videos and commercially available DVDs. After gaining experience in live vision mixing he began working in live TV production where he developed experience in keying, cutting and mixing live broadcasts.

He’s worked in both an open and closed talkback gallery environment and is used to giving direction to Camera, Audio and Technical Operators. He’s been tasked with drawing on his substantial experience to direct Trainee Camera Operators on their very first shows for the Ideal World shopping channel, and he has also trained several Studio Director / Vision Mixers, offering advice, mentoring and support.

Pete has experience working in different studios, each with multiple sets and outside environments which aren’t shielded from the elements. He’s directed and vision mixed on shows, using up to five sets, up to 8 presenters/guest presenters and up to 6 cameras controlled by 4 camera operators.

As well as his vast experience in live TV production, he’s also vision mixed on hundreds of corporate events and live webcasts. Although in recent years Pete has worked primarily in live production, he’s also a self-shooting Videographer and Editor and has produced numerous corporate projects and events.